Dracula 13


Super Mario Bros and Splatterhouse come together


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Dracula 13 is a 2D platformer with a gameplay very similar to that of the legendary Super Mario Bros. In this game, you play the protagonist from Splatterhouse, Rick, in an adventure that's completely unlike what you've seen before.

Though you still have to kill enemies, this game is focused more on platforms. As in Super Mario Bros, you have to jump from platform to platform, taking care not to fall and die.

There are other dangers, too, like enemies you can kill with different weapons. At first you only have a knife you can throw, but later you can use a kind of carnivorous plant to kill any type of enemy.

Dracula 13 is a fun platform with touches of action. It takes the best aspects of two excellent 16-bit era games and combines them to create a fun game with lots of character ... and blood.
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